About Goshay Trading

Goshay Trading was founded in 2012 when David Go’shay (CEO of Goshay Trading) moved to Dubai and always said that if he could start a new business in the UAE, he needed to find the right product/proposition that would do well in the marketplace.


After extensive market research, David could see that Mineral Makeup, although already in the UAE were not at the fore-front of cosmetics and there was certainly space for a new brand; not only a true British brand, but one that had something different to offer. Protocol Mineral Makeup combine the world’s finest ingredients and blend them in cutting edge formulations, to deliver a luxury makeup line that not only feels fantastic to use but also gives you instant, noticeable results.

Revitalash® came next, the hottest lash product in the USA, designed to restore longer thicker fuller lashes. An entirely new and unique cosmetic product, with a formula created originally for just one special lady has now become a product available to women in the UAE who want to have attractive, beautiful-looking eyelashes. The Revitalash® family of products also extends to include Revitalash® Volumizing Mascara, Revitabrow® for a fuller appearance of the eyebrows and Hair by Revitalash®, which makes your hair look fuller. The results speak for themselves.


Our core aim is to provide excellent products that do exactly what they claim they do as well as excellent customer service both to our accounts and consumers alike.


Goshay Trading are always on the lookout for the most amazing new anti-aging product or We will always aim to provide the best of the best and do our research before bringing a product to the UAE market.